49+ Best fitness affiliate programs Of 2020 (highest paying)

We already know how the health and fitness market is becoming very important and popular in our societies.

More people are searching for ways which can help them to lose weight, stay fit, or sometimes gain weight. This is a big opportunity for fitness affiliate marketers who are willing to promote products and making money.

If you are a fitness blogger or want to start a fitness blog, you may be wondering what is the best fitness affiliate program in the market?.

well, in this article we will break through them one by one,

Let’s dive into it.

Best Fitness Affiliate Programs in 2020.

I made a list of the 50 highest paying fitness affiliate programs.

Name Commission RateCookie Duration
1Natalie Jill Fitness30% – 50% per sale lifetime
2SellHealth$350 for every SaleUnknown
3MoreNiche30% to 80% Per SaleLifetime
4PaleoPlan75% per saleUnknown
5Organifi30% RecurringUnknown
6National Academy of
Sports Medicine
 $25 Per Sale30 Days
7South Beach Diet$30 per saleUnknown
8FitReserve $50 per saleUnknown
6Gene Food$20 Per Sale90 Days
9Workout Anywhere
By RundleFit
30 – 50% per SaleUnknown
10Jillian Michaels 20% Per Sale30 days
11Jade Yoga20% Per Sale30 Days
12Vitamin World 8% to 12% Per SaleUnknown
13BodyBuilding.com15% Per SaleUnknown
14WorkoutWarehouse8% to 11% Per SaleUnknown
15Monki Fitness15% Per Sale90 Days
16ProForm Fitness8% to11% Per Sale30 Days
17Onnit15% Per Sale45 Days
18Weight Watchers$10 Per SaleUnknown
19Horizon Fitness 8% per sale30-day 
20Inner Beast Clothing13% Per Sale15 days
21GNC5% Per Sale7 Days
22Reebok 7% Per Sale30 Days
23The Vitamin Shoppe 9% Per SaleUnknown
24Monkii8% Per Sale30 Days
25Net2Fitness8% per sale30 Days
2624 Hour Fitness$20 per sale30 days
27Wahoo7.5% to 10% per saleUnknown
28Lifeline Fitness10% per saleUnknown
29IdealFit 8% Per Sale30 Days
30Fitbit7.2% Per Sale45 Days
31JumpSport 4% Per Sale30 Days
32Life Fitness8% Per Sale30 Days
33Titan Fitness4% – 5% Per Sale 30 Days
34WorkoutWarehouse8% – 11% Per SaleUnknown
35Hitch Fit8% per sale60 days
36Body Spartan10% Per Sale45 Days
37Barefoot Yoga 10% Per Sale60 Days
38ActivenAble10% Per Sale45-day
39TRX Training8% Per Sale30 Days
40DynaPro Direct LLC 10% per Sale30 days
41ProForm Fitness8% – 11% Per Sale30 Days
42ACE Fitness8% Per Sale 30 Days
43All Volleyball5% per saleUnknown
44Fringe Sport5% per sale30 days
45Evolve Fit Wear6% per sale Unknown
46Bowflex 3% per sale3 Days
47The BeneFIT BoxYou have to contact themUnknown
48Market HealthYou have to contact themUnknown
49University For
Weight Loss

You have to contact themUnknown
50KickoffYou have to contact themUnknown

I will not go through them all, instead, I will do brief reviews of the best fitness affiliate programs that you can start promoting right now.

#1.Natalie Jill Fitness

Best fitness affiliate programs

Natali jill affiliate program considered one of the best women’s fitness affiliate programs, it is owned by mom called Natalie.

She helps women whos mainly in thair forties to lose wights and git in shape. However, she has a lot of programs like the full-body reset program, which mainly talks about Emotional Eating, Sweet Tooth, and Cravings.

Her courses and programs are truly helpful and mainly focus on the main obstacles that every woman faces.

Natalie jill affiliate program’s commission is 30% to 50% for every successful sale.

#2. Sellhealth

Best fitness affiliate programs

Sellheath is a big health affiliate network, which started in 2001 and reached more than 100k advertising partners.

When you start promoting their products they connect you with a professional affiliate manager, which can help you in SEO, funnel creation, and more.

They offer high affiliate commissions. it ranges between 30 and 50%, which is pretty high when compared to other health and fitness affiliate programs.

#3. Ace Fitness Affilate programe.

Best fitness affiliate programs

It is a well-known fitness brand name, their mission is to inform and educate people to take care of their health and wellbeing. They have a partnership with big fitness companies, besides that, they offer a fitness certificates.

ACE Fitness’s affiliate program helps you to monetize your fitness blog, social media, or your email newsletter.

Users mostly start with ace fitness exercise library, as it houses a great workout and fitness videos.

When signing up with their affiliate program they give you a banner and links, which you can embed in your site and start making money almost instantly.

Thair commission rate may seem less than other big brands which are 8% for every sale, but they are a trusted brand, which means a higher conversion rate.

#4.Organifi Affiliate programe.

Best fitness affiliate programs

Organifi affiliate programe is my favorite . Why?

Because they have a strong brand name with a 30% recurring commission rate, which means every month you will be earning 30% of any successful transaction.

So how their system works? they have a monthly subscription plan for superfoods, supplements, and organifi complete protein.

#5. Wahoofitness Affiliate Programe.

Best fitness affiliate programs

Wahoo is a UK based company mainly focus on fitness types of equipment and physical products like treadmill and bicycles.

Wahoo’s affiliate program mainly designed for fitness coaches, fitness bloggers, and athletes fitness bloggers.

Their commission is 10% for non-smart trainers and 7.5% for Smart Trainers. once you reached $100 they will pay you through PayPal on a quarterly basis.

#6. Aaptiv

Best fitness affiliate programs

Aaptiv is an app mode to motivate and personalize the workouts for all fitness levels through voices. Aaptiv voices guide your training and promise you to lose weight or reaching your workout goals.

With a $99.99 annual subscription plan, you can earn $25 for every customer you bring to their app or website.

So they have a 3 Payout Tiers,

  • Tier 1 – $15 for every sale – up to 100 sale/mo.
  • Tier 2 – $20 for every sale – up to 101-500 sale/mo.
  • Tier 3 – $25 for every sale – for more than 500 sale.

You can check Aaptiv reviews on google to know more about their services and how exactly works to make sure it suits your audience.

#7. Evolve Fit Wear.

Best fitness affiliate programs

Evolove offers a wide range of comfortable fitness clothes, so doing a partnership with them and promote thair products will be easy.

They also sell yoga mats which are really hight quality and also selling caps and bottles.

Evolve Fit Wear affiliate program give a 6% commission for all products, and thair affiliate is managed by share A Sale.

FAQ:Fitness affilate programs

How to promote fitness products?

You can promote the products as an affiliate marketer through, blogs, sale funnels, and social media like fitness Facebook groups.

How much can I earn with fitness affiliate marketing?

It depends on the level of your experience and the platform you are using to promote products. for fitness bloggers, they earn anywhere from $0/mo to $3,000/day.

Is it worth to quit my job and start affiliate marketing?

No, don’t quit your job to start doing affiliate marketing. instead, think of affiliate marketing as a side hustle and if everything went smoothly you can quit your job and start a full-time affiliate marketing.

Can i promote bodybuilding affiliate products?.

Yes, we have mentioned all the fitness, workout, and bodybuilding affiliate programs in the article above.

How to decide which is the best program to join?

You can decide it based on the audience that you have on social media. If you are a beginner then you have to do keyword research. I recommend using Kwfinedr.

Wrapping up: best fitness affiliate programs.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online, signing up with one of these affiliate sites can truly help you earn money on autopilot.

Try to choose the highest paying affiliate programs and if it is a subscription-based plan it will boost your earnings.

Having multiple money earning channels like affiliate marketing, selling your own products and services will help you in the future to sustain a steady monthly income.

I hope you found the article helpful.

Now it is your turn, Have you ever used any of theses fitness affiliate programs before?

Let me know down below in the comment section.

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