20 Best TikTok Bots & Growth Services (Reviews)

Have you ever wondered how big tiktokers and famous people in TikTok grow and automate their accounts? , well the secret is by using TikTok bots.

We already know TikTok is booming in these days some people call it the new Instagram, more and more people are using it. this is the best time to open a TikTok account and start growing your audience, A TikTok bot will help you get the most out of this platform.

In today’s post, we’ll be looking at TikTok bots one by one with more details to help you decide the best one for you, so let’s dive right in.

the best Tiktok bot and growth service in this list is #1 – TokUpgrade

TokUpgrade best tiktok bot review

If you want to put your TikTok account on autopilot and move on with your life this is the best choice and the best TikTok bot on the internet, it is the TikTok growth service industry leader

These guys know how to perfectly target the right audience that matches your niche and bring highly targeted followers to you, their system is super safe and they are working with the minimal settings that no one can tell that you are using a TikTok bot.

How TokUpgrade works?

You give them a list of your competitors, influencers, and usernames in your niche, and then it will make their followers follow you too. it is that simple. additionally, Tokupgrade engages and like posts of other users that have similar interests. just show your account to other users to get the best result and exposure to ensure you get really targeted followers and fans.


  • Super Safe
  • Advanced Targeting
  • Blacklist specific accounts
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Real targeted followers


  • They are working with TikTok only
  • No free trial


TokSocial is the best tiktok bot

The second TikTok bot in my list is Toksocial just like tokUpgrade it considers itself to be one of the greatest TikTok bot and growth services to help you grow your audience with authentic TikTok followers.

The most important futures of Toksocial is that they offer real targeted TikTok followers, these followers must pass through an advanced and smart filtering system, this filtering system filters the accounts that you don’t want to engage with and they can grantee the best results for your plan.

Their service is so easy to use, and you will start seeing a steady incline in your growth, and in their (pro plan ) they claim that they will skyrocket your account growth through their advanced targeting and filtering system that they have with the help of their Dedicated Account Manager that’s work directly with you 24/7

The thing that attracted me to their service is that you can cancel your subscription any time without hustling with the pricing begins at $79 and go up to $149 it’s affordable for what they offer.


  • Good price
  • Great customer support 24/7
  • No fake followers
  • Advanced Filtering System
  • Super Easy to use
  • Cancel anytime


  • Their serves are for TikTok only
  • No free trial

Social Viral

Social Viral is the best platform to buy Real TIKTOK followers and views

So if you are looking for a “TikTok like bot” or “TikTok view bot“. this is the service that you should consider looking at, although they weren’t in this in this industry for a long time they offer a lot of services not just for TikTok, for other social media as well like Instagram and Twitter,

It is not easy to find TikTok bot that can be trusted in terms of delivering your new TikTok real followers or views to you in under 12 hours, this is what they did, they can deliver it in under 12 hours, unlike other TikTok bots and services that got exposed online for not delivering and being spammy . with their affordable prices and excellent customer support you can enjoy buying TikTok followers and likes.

You buy your way to TikTok Fame while sitting watching Netflix and eating popcorn it is that simple.


  • Very fast delivery in under 12 hours
  • Affordable prices
  • Good customers support
  • Safe and secure
  • works with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Spotify


  • Does not offer a free trial


best tiktok bot

If you are a new TikToker Jeffrey is the right TikTok bot for you, I have been using this bot for almost two years, I used “Jeffrey Instagram followers” to grow and automate many Instagram account for my clients, what I can say is these guys are doing a great job

While using Jeffrey I did not Have any single issue, they can obtain real targeted followers, likes, and comment by using follow/unfollow automation technique, then they provide you with a Dashboard with 30 days data history and analytical graphs, once the bot completes a cycle they give you graphs to let you understand how the targeting is working and you decide based on that your plan and best options that can provide you the best value to grow your account like a champ.

What I personally love about Jeffrey is that they offer A Free 3-day trial that you can cancel it anytime, a 3-day free trial = Free followers, So you can take actions right now and start growing without sharing your credit card information, another thing is that they have a ton of positive feedbacks that you can check it here, you can use it with multiple accounts at the same time based on that I highly recommend checking it out.


  • 3 days Free trial
  • Safe and secure system
  • Multiple accounts
  • Affordable pricing
  • Real followers
  • Works with Instagram too


  • Some users reported that they don’t understand the graphs well

Media Mister

tiktok bot for buy tiktok followers

When you go to Media Misters website you will be impressed with the number of services that they have, they offer a ton of services for almost all social media platforms including Tiktok bots

Their reputation speaks for itself, they have been in the industry for almost 9 years since 2012, this agency staffed by an experienced team of professionals with decades of combined experience. cheap, efficient, and smart TikTok bot that suit all businesses.

And for Over 50,000 customers I can say that they get your job done, they also have 30-day money-back Guarantee

If you are wondering Can Buying TikTok Fans and Followers Get You Banned? the answer is simple, as long as you buy real Fans and Followers from active accounts, there is no way they will be detected by TikTok.


  • Real followers
  • Affordable pricing
  • Almos all social media available
  • Secure payment system
  • Fast customer support


  • Some people get confused by the number of services they offer


tiktok bot to Buy Tiktok likes and views

FollwersUp is a great service like others in terms of a fast delivery system that they have, as soon as you make the payment they can deliver your order in under 42 hours, they offer a diverse range of options like likes, comments, views, and fans. not just for TikTok, for any social media that comes to your mind.

FollowersUp is a great place to combine all of your engagement in TikTok and other social media in one place

In terms of safety, they say that their service is 100% SAFE. if You are not violating any policies you are safe, plus You can make multiple orders for different accounts at the same time


  • A lot of future
  • Safe to use
  • Good customer support
  • Can be used with any social media platform
  • You can put all your engagement in one place
  • Fast delivery


  • They offer a bunch of features and it may be too much for some people



Ektor originally started with Instagram only, when it first launched it was hitting the Instagram bot industry to become the #1 Instagram growth service in 2020, this is not surprising, with all these futures, and the advanced algorithmic technology that they have, they easily win this game.

After the successful launches, they decide to move to TikTok, although TikTok is a new social media platform it passed Instagram in terms of app downloads, What attracted me to them is the advanced algorithms that they use. if you have the time to configure your settings, or if you have a little bit of technical experience you are good to go.

Again as I said before you need a little bit of technical knowledge to configure Ektor TikTok bot, they pride themselves on sweep under the rug of the Tiktok algorithms. Ektor.io have made a truly decent work on guessing what is the action limits of the day.

The user experience and the TikTok bot itself is beautiful, with these colors and configurations you will be impressed by the futures they offer.

Another final thing you should put in your mind when you are using Ektor.io TikTok bot is don’t set it to the maximum configurations unless you know what you are doing or you will be fined your account flagged, you need to start from the lowest settings and go up until you reach the optimum settings that site your need.


  • Secure
  • Smart and advanced
  • One time paymenT
  • Three days free trial
  • Good Customer support


  • A bit technical for some people


how to get tiktok famous

Socialpilot is very powerful TikTok post scheduler, many companies these days don’t pay attention to scheduling thair content in the right time and they are losing a lot of serious buyers, with TikTok app-only there is no way that you can manage and schedule all your videos

By using a TikTok post scheduler you can guarantee a good result, you can create and schedule multiple videos on TikTok to expand your reach.

A final thought about TikTok Scheduler, if you have good quality content and a high engagement rate, this TikTok post scheduler is the best for you.


  • Consistent & Error-Free Posting
  • Free trial
  • Smart system
  • Safe and https secured
  • Content Planner
  • URL Shortening
  • Browser Extension
  • Mobile Apps


  • Brand new tool


tiktok bot

By using TikTok hashtags for likes you can easily target your audience through hashtag targeting. the service gives you insights about the best TikTok hashtags to use, giving your profile a boost in exposure to help get TikTok famous.

TikTok hashtags for likes Help you fined very specific hashtags that match your niche and target them letting you gain thousands of real targeted followers in a matter of days

What I like about TikTok hashtags for likes is the practicality and the speed of thair bot you just have to subscribe and start targeting, it has been dealing with Instagram hashtags for almost 4 years they are the king of hashtags targeting game.

Here is a quick tutorial to help you understand how TikTok hashtags for likes works


  • Quick and easy
  • Live Analytics
  • Unlimited Searches
  • Performance Reports
  • 24-7 Customer Support


  • No free trial

Auto Tokker

best tiktok bot

I bet you that you have used follow unfollow technic in Instagram, this technic is no longer working for Instagram, but t actually works well with Tiktok, so this exactly what Autotoker TikTok bot does, it can also help you to get more views. likes or comment bu its main focus is on follow / Unfollow technic

What Follow / Unfollow Technic ?

it is simple, you provide the TikTok bot with a list of accounts and geographic regions you want to follow based on your niche, the bot will follow all the followers of these accounts and then unfollow them a few days later. that way it can achieve something like 30-60% of real users follow you back

Why Using Follow / Unfollow technic

Because it is the most natural way of engagement that can give you highly targeted real fans and followers and your account will start to appear as a suggestion to other TikTok users

Another big advantage using AutoTokker TikTok bot is that they offer Free High-Quality Proxy Included in your plan for free, they give you a proxy To avoid getting banned on TikTok.

In term of pricing, they have 3 options you can choose from, for the 1st account: $44.99/mo, from the 2nd – until the 9th account: $34.99/mo and from the 10th – until the 249th account:$27.99/mo, when we compare it with other TikTok bots we can say it is reasonable

If you are sure about your niche and the demographics, AutoTokker TikTok bot is the best choice for you so you can go and enjoy your 3-day free trial.


  • 3-day free trial
  • Follow / Unfollow
  • 100% Secure
  • Geographic Targeting
  • Free High-Quality Proxy Included
  • Analytics Tracking


  • Works with TikTok only


Tiktok bot

Hypetok is a brand new TikTok bot, It provides you with real active TikTok users to ensure you grow organically as fast as possible in a matter of weeks.

when you make your decision and subscribe to their service they will give you a short survey to fill, according to the survey, their team will meet and go through tour survey that you took before to make the best decisions that ensure the success and growth of your account, bringing you high-quality traffic and more exposure to your brand.

Within 24-48 hours using Hypetok, you’ll start to see an instant TikTok growth, based on that they provide you with the analytics that you need.

Another important factor when choosing them is you can live chat with them directly from their website, their team respond almost immediately to answer all your questions.


  • Super great customer support
  • Dedicated team to help you
  • Monthly campaign tweaks
  • 24/7 email & live chat support


  • No free trial


tiktok bot

Instamber is one of the newest TikTok bots here in our list that have got huge attention in the TikTok bot community because of its low cost and the great customer support that they have, with instamber you can guarantee the growth of your account on with minimal offer, it would be like you have TikTok marketing assistance helping you to create good companies

It is obvious that instamber not just one of the best TikTok bots out there but it also has the best price, you simply have to sign up with your TikTok account then you can decide what is the best methods to target niche-specific audience based on hashtags, gender, number of followers and more futures that perfectly fit your marketing strategies, so according to instamber they offer a human simulation tool to engage with the targeted audience to multiply your followers 24/7.

By using instambers dashboard that they developed, you can observe all the important points and analytics that instamber offers and grow your fanbase with a minimum offer and give you all data that you need to help you in your next projects.

According to them they have more than 1450 Monthly users of Instamber panel and + 1 M Achieved fans via their tools and the average engagement rate is pretty high, which is 93%, they offer a “TikTok view bot” and “TikTok like bot” that can improve the number of your likes, and views, at the best price possible.

So what are the benefits of using instamber TikTok bot?

Well, when the bot likes other users’ posts on your behalf, the user will see your account and there is a higher chance that the user will follow your account, by this method you can guarantee 100%, real followers.

Another thing Instamber offer is 3days trial for 1 $, you can test their TikTok, based on that you make your decision.


  • Good pricing
  • safe
  • Three-day trial
  • Fine customer support
  • Email support
  • Three-day free trial


  • Some users reported some technical problems


instazooed tiktok bot

When you are looking to instazode for the first time the first thing that comes to your mind is the beautiful design they have, no doubt everything on their website looks pretty, but what we actually need when we are searching for The best TikTok bot is the practicality.

Instazooed has a lot of practical tools that other TikTok bots do not have like the advanced smart filtering system that filters all the account that doesn’t match your niche based on that it make the engagement and send messages to users, this will be very helpful for your marketing strategy and growth of your account.

The great system that Instazood has, allow them to, auto follow, auto like, auto engagement with the targeted list or hashtags, and their graphs and information that you need mostly located in on section on the dashboard!

One last thing is I checked their website and their profile in Trustpilot, some people are complaining about them so I recommend you check them out here


  • Fast delivery
  • Easy to use


  • Some users complained about customer support


feedpixel tiktok bot

Feedpixel is happy to help you buy TikTok followers, likes, views, and shares at the best price on the market. they offer 1000 views for 3.99$, subscribe to thair lifetime packages is the best deal you can get. just be aware of their support application for usual customers.

When you buy any of their services like TikTok fans, likes, views, shares. they deliver your order in 48-72 hours, then they will start providing you with the visitors as soon as possible, without bothering yourself with registration. A variety of options, and solid 24/7 client support, Feedpixle prove themselves to be on board to make sure you get the most out of your content.


  • 24/7 customer support,
  • Safe
  • Delivery in under 48 hours
  • Organic growth
  • Brand awareness
  • Quality service


  • No free trial


tokgrowth tiktok bot

Tokgrowth allows you to start your Tiktok journey with a bunch of real TikTok followers , that suits you if you are just starting with TikTok as a beginner.

So basically they looked to other TikTok bots in the market and tried to copy what they doing by giving the best service in term of buying real TikTok followers

If you are just starting with TikTok or you are an influencer or marketing company Tokgrowth can be the best TikTok bot for you.


  • Automated Service
  • 24/7 Account Management
  • Smart Algorithm
  • Safe to use


  • No free trial


vire tiktok bot

The vire TikTok bot is unique because unlike other TikTok bots it delivers your followers, views, and comments through targeted hashtags rather than users.

The vire is more like an agency, you give them your account and they do the rest, they work with TikTok Influencers · TikTok Bloggers · TikTok Lifestyle Bloggers · Digital Nomads and Celebrities from all around the globe.

Thair team like photos, optionally comment, follow/unfollow people on your behalf that way the grow your account for you, another great thing about The Vire is that they give you 3 days free trial.


  • Very safe and secure service
  • Great customer support 24/7
  • Three days free trial


  • A bit pricy for some people


trendgrow tiktok bot

Another TikTok bot and growth service is TrendGrow, this company represent the cheapest TikTok growth service on the internet, they operate and grow your account organically by exposing your account to other users in your niche that you specified.

They cannot grantee several followers or likes, but they grantee the organic growth of your account

They also claim that a lot of TikTok influencers that you see today have been using their service, so I can they are pretty safe and trustworthy to work with.


  • Cheap service
  • Secure
  • Organic real followers


  • New in TikTok bot industry


tiktokbot.io tiktok bot

The next Tiktok bot in our list is tiktokbot.io, it is one of the good options that you may consider when you are searching about TikTok bots,

Tiktokbot.io operate their bot by using Smart AI algorithm used to optimize follow unfollow technic while using the minimum settings to make the whole process safe and secure, they also offer a Private proxy included, to protect your account.

By using “thair TikTok” like bot and “TikTok view bot” you can grantee the organic growth of your fanbase while doing almost nothing, I checked their website and they stopped the TikTok view bot operations at this moment but they will be back soon.


  • 3 days free trial
  • Secure
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Smart AI algorithms


  • Stoped operations at this moment


tiktokbot.co tiktok bot

Another great Tiktok view bot and TikTok like bot is TikTokBot.co, they are retailer new in the game but also effective.

Just like other bots they offer Like Campaigns, TikTok Follow/Unfollow Campaign, and Comment Campaign that you can convert them into leads to create a great authantic community to maximize the organic growth of your account,

When you sign up with them they provide you with a dedicated account manager to help you pick the right and best settings and optimize your account along the way, a dedicated account manager can help you in every step, not just at the begging.


  • dedicated account manager
  • Secure and safe
  • 24/7 support
  • 7-days money-back guarantee


  • No free trial


tokcaptain  tiktok bot

it seems very simple to grantee false accounts, their way of making business will not only limit any possible issues and problems onward but also make your money worth.

Tokcaptain Offers a variety of options let you buy TikTok likes, TikTok Views, and followers, they focus on the delivery of your order as soon as you complete the payment.

What makes them unique when compared to other competitors is their energy and passion going above and beyond to guarantee that each TikTok like that you get will only arise from actual users in the community

Tokcaptain with its great service will create huge changes to drive a highly unique targeted audience to you. Just make high-quality content to see the best results.


  • Safe to use
  • Good customer service
  • Fast delivery


  • No free trial

So What Is the next step?

Using TikTok bots is something you should put into consideration whether you are an agency or regular user trying to engage with other users, if you plan to become an influencer in the future there is no shame to buy TikTok likes or to subscribers by using one of these TikTok bots and tools and use all their futures at once.

It is just the beginning, TikTok is booming right now with a ton of influencers plus the numbers are rising day by day, the competition will be almost impossible in the future so be ready to compete with them.

What is TikTok?

TikTok is a social media platform to share videos, its users especially teenagers and young adult that enjoys thair previously launched app called musically, it grabbed the word attention and considered the fastest growing social media platform in the world

tiktok growth chart

TikTok is by far one of the most downloaded apps in 2018-2020, having surpassed both the one billion and 1.5 billion active downloads on the Apple Store and Google Play in one year in 2019.

The app exploded with millions of users in February 2019, the graph above shows us how TikTok will be the biggest social media platform in the near future.

When you think about TikTok the first thing that comes to your mind is the oversaturation of it, actually, it is not, there is always a room for new users and new influencers

What makes TikTok so appealing?

This is a good question because today’s generation and teens like short bursts of distractions, this is an obvious factor.

Another factor is TikTok is smart, the home page of TikTok display suggestion and a random assortment of videos from others accounts based on what you have been engaging with, that way you see the content you prefer the most.

Tiktok also very popular in creating memes, can re-purpose audio footage from other videos, and create your own that can turn you into TikTok famous in a matter of hours, this is what every teenager needs at these days.

The fame of Tiktok is increasing aggressively and with the setting trends and constant adaption of on-going trends, it will be wonderful to see how people at TikTok are going to bring in new ideas for making the app an even bigger success.


Why using TikTok?

one of the key future fo using TikTok is You can share your skills with the rest of the world! , additionally, TikTok has fewer rules and regulations than other applications, as Facebook and Instagram have become mainstream, so too has their regulations in order to comply with rised inspection by governments around the world.

What are TikTok bots and how do they work?

Tiktok bot is an automated program based on algorithms designed by professional programmers to make you able to interact with humans and to answer their queries without getting tired. the TikTok bots appear very human but is nothing but accounts that are automated and managed by codes.

How can TikTok bots power your growth?

In the area of online marketing, the main goal of TikTok bots is not to completely displace the communications among humans, but to help business owners plus marketers in connecting with clients more efficiently.

Can TikTok bots harm your account?

using of TikTok bots is not risk-free. Inadequately developed and programmed TikTok bots can do more harm than good, as they can annoy users and lose their time rather than helping them solve their problems.

Is buying Tiktok likes worth it?

I don’t recommend buying TikTok likes in order to fool your viewers or build social proof. Use Tiktok bots instead to create a positive relationship with your audience and interact with them. Buying TikTok likes may be attractive, but it will do you more harm than good in the long run.

Is TikTok bot worth the money?

If you are famous in TikTok or trying to be famous TikTok bots can help you along the way, additional to that it saves you a lot of time in terms of managing, engaging, liking, and viewing others people content.


Running a modern-day business needs more than just managing operations, promoting new services, or interacting in traditional promotional activities. You also have to maintain a solid online presence, especially on TikTok.

My recommendation is not to use TikTok bots alone, you have to create high-quality content at is the most important factor, the content is king, as long as you know how to combine these two, you are good to go.

To decide what is the best TikTok bot for you do a little research and read all the reviews carefully, and take a trial to see how a bot operates and what results can bring to you.

Now I would hear your thoughts, which bot from today’s post attracted you more?

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