10+ Best online Coaching Platforms [Free and paid for 2020]

Online coaching platforms has become a major success factor in the online coaching industry, it can take your businesses to another level.

Before you decide which platform to choose, you should clarify your needs. Every couch’s needs are different. for example, for life coaching business you need a coaching scheduling tool, but for the fitness coaching business, you need tools to help you film and design videos for your clients.

If you do a little bit research on google about the “digital coaching platform ” you will be confused about the number of platforms available.

Each one claim to house an “all-in-one” solution.

But when signing up to these platforms you realize how it lacks a lot of features.

What you understand is the company behind the Online Coaching Platform does know nothing about the needs of the health coaches for the most part.

So let’s see which of these platforms are close to being an all-in-one solution.

What are the Best Online Coaching Platforms And Tools of 2020?

  • PracticeBetter
  • Satori
  • CoachAccountable
  • Nudge Coach
  • Healthie
  • Coach Catalyst
  • TrueCoach
  • SimplePractice
  • Trainerize
  • Justcoach
  • Coachvantage

#1.PracticeBetter (The best overall Online Coaching Platform).

PracticeBetter is a digital coaching platform mainly designed for health and wellness professionals who want to track and manage their clients in one area.

With their home page design that offers a lot of features like accounting, create forms, Video Chat and Record Sessions.

PracticeBetter is mainly designed for people who want to save time. it increases the coach’s productivity and prevents them from losing time in manging the clients.

It is a multifunctional Online Coaching Platform that can help you ensure the best results for your clients.

So, what it is best for?

It is best for health coaches who don’t have a lot of time to manage a big number of clients or have a lot of clients that need to be tracked on a daily basis.

Is it free yo use?

No, but their “Sprout” plan is for free and We can say it is the best free online coaching platform. you can start with $0 per month and manage up to 3 Clients.

What about paid plans?

Practice better app has 4 pricing plans.

1 – Starter

With Starter which start at $19 USD/mo. They offer the following features.

  • Up to 10 clients.
  • 10 GB of storage.
  • A mobile app designed for you.
  • Give you access to thousands of food and supplement products.
  • Booking and scheduling appointments.
  • Chat messaging and more

2 – Professional

PracticeBetter professional plan starts at $49/m, and offer the following features.

  • Up to 200 clients.
  • 5 GB of storage.
  • Mobile app.
  • PDF logo and branding.
  • Integrattion with other apps using Zapie.
  • Group classes.
  • SMS appointment reminder.
  • Aceept online payments

3 – Plus plan starts at $79/m. It includes all Professional plan’s features plus.

  • One admin user.
  • Drip content to clients.
  • Podcast massages.
  • Send and receive faxes within the app.

4 – Team plan which starts at $135/mo and offers unlimited clients, up to 15 GB per practitioner, and 2 admin users.

Here is a simple video that explains some features of Practice Better, also you can subscribe to their channel that has tutorials of how to use the software.

PractiveBetter is a very helpful online coaching platform to organize and customize your health Business. it automates all the processes you need to be successful.

#2. Satori.

Satori is a coaching class management software fro beginner coaches, it is more efficient for those who want the coaching business to be managed in one place.

What’s important about them is their coaching tool is a combination of customer relationship management and digital coaching platform.

their simple-clean design and the automated follow up with clients help you to maximize the efficiency of your marketing and branding.

Best For: it is mainly designed for solopreneurs and coaches who don’t have a team running their online coaching business.

Key Features:

Establish your personal health coaching program.
Helps you in the Branding process of your landing page, client login page, and emails.
Accepting online bookings and schedules right from your website.
Accept online payments.
Emails opt-in tools that can be connected to MailChimp and AWeber.
Asking the clients for feedback and requesting reviews.

In term of Pricing they have a 3 plans:

  • Starter – $33/mo billed annually.
  • Trailblazer – $49/mo billed annually.
  • Pro – $83/ mo which is the highest plan comes with all unlimited features.

#3. CoachAccountable.

Just like Satori, CoachAccountable offers a wide range of coaching tools that are essential to your coaching program to be up and running on autopilot.

They offer Scheduling, accepting payment tools, coaching plans, and Invoicing that can be sent directly to the clients.

Key Features:

Mobile friendly web-based coaching platform app which can be used easily with any device that allows you to text or email your clients.

Simple and stylish scheduling tools to schedule clients or vice versa

A well designed invoicing system that allows you to accept online payment using Stripe, PayPal, or Square with no additional fees.

Tracking system to manage the progression of your clients as it is important to see the remaining session for each client.

Seve all your files in one place like videos, worksheets, pictures, and links for you and for the clients to see and share them.

CoachAccountable Pricing:

Their pricing plan is different than other digital coaching platforms, it based on the number of clients that you manage, their base plan starts at $20/mo for 2 clients and ends with $400/mo for 100 client

#4. Nudge Coach.

Nudge Coach is another online coaching platform that created mainly to coaches who want trach the process of their clients on the go and between sessions

What so good about Nudge Coach is that they first designed as habit tracking software, after their app stud up in the competition they added the online coaching tools and services later on.

It is mainly designed for business coaches, health coaches, and life coaches, to make sure every client is on track and interacting with clients that need the most attention first.

Key Features:

Instant message sender tool for any client group which can save you a lot of time

Allow you to create client groups based on the interest and the interests of clients

Simple and clean design

Their free coaching software is free forever up to 3 clients.

Nudge Coach Pricing:

They have 3 pricing plans.

  • Free Forever plan – which is free up to 3 clients
  • Starter plan – starts at $25/mo and up to 10 clients
  • Growth plan – start at $60/mo and up to 100 client

#5. Healthie.

healthie website is a Practice management platform dedicated to finding the best solutions for nutritionists and health coaches.

They claim to be an all-in-one coaching tool and offer enterprise solutions for big companies through white – labeling.

All platforms handle the basic payments but healthie added a CMS 1500 that may be an advantage for your business.

Key Features:

✓ scheduling tools that can be embedded into your website with one click.

The ability to sync with Google, iCal, and outlook.

Offers a secure video service that can be managed from everywhere using any device connected to the internet.

Webinar tool for your business.

Secure payment options with CMS 1500 forms and Superbills generations.

Custom templates like ADIME and SOAP

Track the progress of the clients through custom charts and track BMI/BMR.

Healthie pricing:

  • Beginner – 5 clients – for $29/mo.
  • Small practice – Unlimited clients – for $80/mo.
  • Practive plus – Unlimited clients – for $129/mo.
  • Group practice – Unlimited clients – for $149/mo.

You can take a look at the healthie website to see the features for each plan.

#6. Coach Catalyst

It is similar to other online coaching platforms designed for personal trainers, gym owners, nutrition coaches, and fitness trainers to share their videos and information with clients as it keeps them engaging and accountable.

What amazing about them is the well-specilazed customer support team that is ready to help you anytime.

Key Features:

A big library of templates and pre-designed programs that you can use in your projects.

The software is built with simple “check-ins” that you can apply on daily basis.

Ability to design the logo, colors, and business name more, with in their app.

help you scheduling messages and send them in bulk.

Coachcatalyst Pricing:

  • Solo coach plan – $99/mo – it is best for individual coaches.
  • Organization plan – $139/mo – best for a team of coaches.

#7. TrueCoach.

TrueCoach is an online coaching platform created to help personal trainers to build and lunch thair remote workout plans.

Like other coaching software, it houses a lot of features like a client management system, to track the progress of each customer, and a build-in message system to communicate between clients.

They have a “TrueCoach Case Studies” if you interested of what coaches says about them.

Key Features:

Email notification tool that automatically sends to notify the clients.

Exercise history tracking tools.

Workout program builder, to make a detailed program for each client.

Client macronutrients intake tracking tool.

Theme customization from your logo to page layout.

Truecoach Pricing:

  • Starter plan – $19/mo– up to 5 active clients.
  • Standard plan – $49/no – up to 20 active clients.
  • Pro plan – $99/mo – up to 50 active clients.

#8. SimplePractice.

SimplePractice is a great online coaching platform that trusted by more than 60k users, that offers a telehealth and teletherapy services.

The company has a web-based app for the clients to sign in and track their progress, and for coaches to manage the programs on the go.

Key Features:

Screen sharing options to make the teaching process easier.

Customizable mobile apps for both android and IOS.

Integrated Telehealth system that allows you to schedule everything from anywhere.

A secure massaging system with HIPAA-compliant.

SimplePractice Pricing:

  • Essential Plan – for $39/mo.
  • Professional Plan – for $59/mo.
  • And group plan – as you add more clients the price rise.

#9. Trainerize.

Trainerize is best for Personal trainers who want to track their clients on the go, and design custom programs for them.

With trainerize it makes it easier to track monitor and lead the clients with a simple and clean dashboard.

If you are interested on what people says about them you can take a look at trainerize reviews.

Key Features:

Training templates designed for clients.

Fitness Libraries of pre-filmed fitness exercises.

Creating a custom workout plans using the free templates.

PDF Printable workouts.

Meals and micronutrients tracking tools.

A built in document manger to manage all files in one place.

Trainerize Pricing:

  • Free plan – up to 1 client
  • Grow plan – up to 2 clients – $5/mo.
  • Pro plan – up to 5 client’s – $20/mo.
  • Studio – up to 500 clients – $250/mp.

#10. justcoach.

Justcoach is relatively new to the online coaching platforms but it stood up in the competition, with its aim of guiding the clients in their health journey.

It has all the necessary features like other coaching platforms.

Key Features:

Signature Coaching System that can save you a lot of time doing researches.

Group coaching tools.

Online challenges that can leverage the growth of your business.

Done for you health recipes and meals.

justcoach Pricing:

  • Monthly plan – $29/mo.
  • Yearly plan – $260/year.

#11. coachvantage

Coachvantage is also a new platform customized mainly for health coaches to deliver exceptional results of you as well as the clients.

Similar to Justcoach it has all the features that every health coaches need.

Key Features:

Contacts manger.

built-in Scheduling tools.

Send and receive invoices easily with in the app.

library of resources.

Coachvantage Pricing:

  • $29/month.

Online Coaching Platforms FAQ:

How to start an online coaching business?

1-Pick up your niches, like health coaching, life coaching, or business coaching
2-Understand the niche that you choose by doing research about how your competitors market their business.
3-Choose a training program to learn the basics of your coaching niche.
4-Start social media campaigns to get exposer.
5-Build a website to promote your services
6-Use online coaching tools to help you in your growth strategy

What some other tools for online coaching?


How to open online coaching classes?

To open a successful online coaching class you need to have the expertise and the right virtual coaching platform.

How much to charge for online coaching?

It depends on the type of coaching. For instance, an online personal trainer charges on average between $100 to $200 per hour.

How to become a fitness coach?

To become a fitness coach you need to have an AED/CPR certification then choosing the fitness specialty after that you should take Personal Trainer certification, the last thing is applying for jobs.

Online Coaching Platforms – That’s a Wrap:

Start and running a successful online coaching business can be stressful for many people and needs a lot of time and dedication to be able to manage it. by using proper online coaching software you can save a lot of time and work.

The majority of the software is similar to each other but everyone has special features that can assist you in choosing the right one.

To recap, if you’re looking for the best overall Coaching software I recommend giving PracticeBetter a try.

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