How To Sell Workout Plans Online In 9 Easy Steps: The Free Beginner’s Guide

if you are wondering How To Sell Workout Plans online, you have come to the right place.

Let’s be honest, nowadays personal trainers and fitness coaches are worth their weight in gold.

Why, Because they can create outstanding results for their clients in a short period of time by creating well-designed and intelligent workout plans.

So, How To Sell Workout Plans online in 9 easy steps.

  • 1-Start a self-hosted WordPress website.
  • 2-Choose a membership plugin to sell workout plans.
  • 3-install and setup MemberPress plugin.
  • 4-Connect your payment method.
  • 5-Set Up Membership workout plans.
  • 6-Make Rules for Your Membership Plans
  • 7-Add Subscriber-only Workout plans.
  • 8-Create a Pricing Page for Your Workout plans
  • 9-Add Sign Up And Login Forms.

But first, let’s talk about why and what is the benefits of start selling workout plans online?

Here are some Benefits of selling workout plans online.

 Being online for 24/7 – People are searching for online fitness coaches all the time, with the big the rapid advancements in technology, almost all industries are trying to move their business online as it makes them more money and can reach a big number of clients in no time.

 The ability to reach more clients – As we all know gyms and fitness centers are limited to the area that they located in, so fitness coaches who want to sell their workout programs are also limited to that area. However, fitness coaches who work online have no suchconstraints.

They can make their marketing campaigns and reach more clients without worrying about the area or any constraints.

 Make more money – When you start selling workout plans in the gyms or fitness centers how many you can sell? even if you are working in multiple gyms at the same time, the number would be small. However, being online gives you the ability to expand your revenue.

 Save time – Being active online does not mean you have to work more hours like a real job where when working extra hours you earn more money, this is a big misconception we convened to follow over the years. Time is the most valuable thing we have in our life and can not be replaced, we shouldn’t trade our time for money.

Being online gives you the ultimate flexibility to run your online fitness business based on your schedule and time frame.

So, Let’s dive into the steps of How To Sell Workout Plans.

1-Start a self-hosted WordPress website.

Starting a WordPress website is the first thing you need to do, if you already have a blog it is good, if not I recommend you check my post about How to start a fitness blog.

If you finished the progress of starting a fitness blog, then you can return and follow the steps that I will be mentioning about how to create a workout plan to sell.

2-Choose a membership plugin to sell workout plans.

In this guide of How To Sell Workout Plans, we will be using A membership plugin, which lets you create content and restrict it to paying clients only. So, you can start your campaign and start earning money from your website right away without being physically available in the gyms or witness training classes.

There is a lot of membership plugins available online but I will be using MemberPress plugin as it is the most advanced and easy-to-use plugin.

How To Sell Workout Plans Online

MemberPress offers a lot of advanced features like accepting online payments through payment providers like PayPal and stripe, allow clients to download the Workout Plans, and restrict access to the programs to only paying members and more.

So after choosing the plugin let’s move to the next step.

3-Install and setup MemberPress plugin.

To install MemberPress you need to access your WordPress dashboard –»  Plugins –»  Add new –»  Upload plugin then activate. To know more about how to upload wp plugin you can take a look at How to install wp plugins.

To start using the plugin you have to activate it. from MemberPress  » Settings » License Key:

How To Sell Workout Plans Online

After the activation process, you can now reach the features that they offer and start customizing them one by one as you like.

Here as you can see under “Pages” you can customize your fitness membership pages, the Reserved Pages are important for your membership website which include login, thank you, and account pages.

How To Sell Workout Plans Online

If you don’t want to design your pages, you can choose the “auto-create a new page” option.

How To Sell Workout Plans Online

With all the options and pages ready, now we you can move to the next step.

4-Connect your payment method.

To connect your payment gateway to your website you need to go to payments » Gateway then choose one of the available payment getaways which include:

  • Paypal Standard
  • Paypal Express
  • Stripe
  • Offline
How To Sell Workout Plans Online

once you completed this step, click on “update options“.

Now it is time to move the most important step.

5-Set Up Membership workout plans.

What is membership plans ?

Is kind of level or different pricing options, contents, and features. For instance, you have a gold membership that comes with the highest price and offers the full meal and workout plans, and bronze which is the lowest price and offers limited workout plans and meals.

Whatsit MemberPress apart is the ability to create unlimited membership plans, so you can make plans that suit all your audience levels.

To create membership plans go to MemberPress » MemberShips » Add new

How To Sell Workout Plans Online

You can change the price and the type of billing you want to include in your plan.

If you go down the page you can start customizing your membership options, you can change the texts, custom thank you messages, and more.

How To Sell Workout Plans Online

As we maintained, you can customize each of them.

  • Registration – Here are the buttons and text options, Welcome Email, Payment method customization, and user info filed.
  • Permissions – It allows you to select who can access and buy or subscribe to a plan.
  • Price Box – You can customize the pricing pox like button text, heading text, and Benefits.

Once you have done all the customization you can now publish your first membership plan.

Note: If you want to edit the membership pages, each theme offers a pre-made wp template, you can access this template simply by clicking “Custom Page Template” in your theme options, not MemberPress.

6-Make Rules for Your Membership Plans

After completing all the steps mentioned above about how to create a workout plan to sell online now it is time to create memberPress rules for all plans that you have created.

To access rules go to MemberPress » Rules » Add new.

How To Sell Workout Plans Online

Here as you can see you can add or prevent the access of members to content and pages. you can connect your membership plans with specific content or page.

For instance, you can make the access to a specific category available for the clients who subscribed to the premium membership. And for those who subscribed for a basic plan there will be no access and so on.

Now scroll down you will see Drip + Expiration options.

How To Sell Workout Plans Online

What you Drip does is dripping the contents or post gradually with time, for example, dripping leg workout after 1 day If a client subscribes to the premium workout plan.

And the same with the Expiration option, which means the content expires after a specific time you set.

7-Add Subscribe-only Workout plans.

It is time to create your first workout plan and adding it to your website.

Firstly you need to have premium content and to offer, includes:

  • Informative Workout videos
  • Written books which can be ebooks that can be downloaded as PDF or hard copy books.
  • A single wp page that can be accessible for only paying members.
  • Plog posts and much more.

So, how to add a workout plan for paying members only?

The process is not complicated just follow the steps and you will be good to go.

let’s dive right in.

Firstly go to posts » all posts » add new

How To Sell Workout Plans Online

Then you add your custom workout plan, using wp post editor, once you finish adding the content you should add this post to a category. In this simple tutorial, we will be using categories, you can find categories in the right sidebar.

How To Sell Workout Plans Online

Now we add this blog post to the Premium Custom Workout Plan’s category

Click publish and then go to all posts, as you can see this post is limited just to Premium Custom Workout Plan members only.

How To Sell Workout Plans Online

8-Create a Pricing Page for Your Workout plans

The last step of how to sell workout plans is creating the Pricing page, which is important to inform the users about the different plans and what they get when choosing any plan.

To do that simply go to Memberships » Groups » Add new » Change the name to pricing.

How To Sell Workout Plans Online

After you name it to pricing, scroll down to group options, here you can add a membership and make it available to users.

As you can see I created one plan before the “Premium Custom Workout Plan” now it shows.

In the pricing page theme option, you can change how the pricing page looks, there is a lot of customization and options to choose from.

9-Add Sign Up And Login Forms.

Congrats! you have done 95% of the work.

Now it is time to set up the Sign-Up and Login Forms. so visitors and members can access your workout plan.

To Add memberpress widget login to your website go to Appearance » Widgets then add the memberpress widget to the right sidebar

Next we need to add the pricing page to the website menu so users and visitors can acsee it when visiting your site.

To add a login to your primary menu got to Appearance » Menus » Pages » then add the login page, you can also select the place where it wold be by drag and dropping it.

Click save menu.

That was the complete tutorial of How To Sell Workout Plans Online.

Now if you want to monitor the behavior of your visitors, you need to connect your site with google analytics.

How To Sell Workout Plans: FAQ

How to create a workout plan to sell?

You need to have content and knowledge in the workout and fitness industry then follow the steps mentioned above carefully.

How to create a fitness website to Sell Workout Plans?

1-Choose domain name
2-Pick a good web hosting
3-Choose Fitness WordPress theme
4-Pick fitness plugins and apps
5-Write and publish the first post

What is the best fitness WordPress theme for personal trainers?

There is a lot of themes, I prefer using generate press with Elemantor to create a stunning fitness landing pages.

How to make money selling workout plans?

It depends on how much clients do you have and the number of purchases.

Can you sell workout plans without being certified?

Yes, you can, if you have the proper knowledge you are good to go, but being certified is preferred to convince the people that you know what you are talking about.

Wrapping up:How To Sell Workout Plans.

As we saw the process of creating an online workout plan is pretty easy, you just need to make sure your website looks good to convince the visitors to subscribe.

To be successful in selling workout plans you need to write good content or film a good workout video. The content is king, as long as you make good content you will have a lot of visitors.

Now, let me hear from you did you have any experience in selling online Workout Plans?

Let me know down below in the comment section.

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