How To Start A Fitness Blog In 2020 [Step By Step Guide]

Want to know how to start a fitness blog in 2020?

You have made the right decision.

Starting a blog is one of the best decisions that I have made in my life.

If you are a fitness professional or a personal trainer and want to share your journey and help other people while making a passive income on autopilot, start fitness blogging is the first step.

After reading this simple guide on how to start fitness blogging, you will be able to start your blog and make money right away.

How to Start a Fitness Blog in 7 Simple Steps.

  • 1. Decide Your fitness Blog Niche.
  • 2. Pick your fitness blog name.
  • 3. find a good blogging platform and hosting.
  • 4. Install and setup WordPress.
  • 5. Choose the Best Fitness themes and fitness WordPress Plugins.
  • 6. switch from HTTP to HTTPS.
  • 7. write and publish your first blog.
  • 8. Ways to monetize your fitness blog.

Before you start your fitness blogging journey.

Maybe you are thinking why should you start a fitness blog in 2020?

I always say, 2020 is the best year to start an online business because the competition is rising day by day, more and more people start using the internet, besides that in these modern days more people suffer from health problems. So you have a big opportunity, then other fitness bloggers who start later than you.

Here are some benefits of starting a fitness blog.

  • Time freedom – the most important reason that got me into fitness blogging word is the time freedom, working from everywhere.
  • Share your thoughts – blogging helps you express yourself and share your health & fitness related information with other people.
  • Help other people – you can make an impact on other people’s lives, for example by helping them follow a balanced diet and lose weight.
  • Make some money – while helping them out you can make money by running ads or affiliate marketing.

So I think you got some ideas about the benefits of start fitness blogging,

let’s dive right in

1. Decide Your fitness Blogging Niche. (Crucial step)

how to start a fitness blog - Decide The niche

This is the most important part, most bloggers are stuck in It because they choose a “fitness” & health” in general to talk about, not knowing there is a lot of micro-niches that they can choose from.

What I mean by micro niches is to be more specific although health & fitness seem to be a niche itself there are more topics to focus on within these niches.

Let’s say you decided to go with the Weight Loss niche, there are hundreds of other blogs talking about Weight Loss, On the other hand, if you narrowed it down to Weight Loss For Pregnant women, your blog will shine since there’s overly less competition.

What are the benefits of narrowing down your niche.?

There is a ton of competition in the health and fitness industry, new studies discovered that the wellness industry is growing at an outstanding rate ( 12.8% in the past 2 years )

How to Start a fitness Blog - Wellnes economy

Targetting a smaller and more specific audience gives you the opportunity to get more clients and readers because there is less competition.

Narrowing down gives you higher earning potential, it helps you in the process of system optimization, giving you an outfoxing edge against other blogs that talk about the same topic.

Having a specific niche make it easier for you to market your blog, saving you a lot of time and effort since you know what exactly your clients need.

Digging deep into these niches helps you gain a lot of specialized knowledge that helps you become an expert in that niche.

Another major factor you should consider when choosing the fitness blogging niche is Profitability.

In terms of profitability Here are the three questions you should ask yourself before choosing your niche.

  Can I monetize this niche?

  Are there enough affiliate programs related to my niche? 

  Does this niche have a good volume of keywords? 

I think you got the idea of how to decide your fitness blog niche, if not I suggest you take a pen and write down the topics that interest you the most, pick some of them, search on google to see if these niches have affiliate programs, then you are good to go.

2. Pick your fitness blog name.

how to start a fitness blog - fitness blog name

In the past, I took a lot of time trying to come with a catchy, niche-specific, dot com blog name.

In fact, this step is important but not as you think.

In the past, it was possible to get the exact match domain name to help you rank higher in the search result, but it is not working that way anymore.

While the common advice is to narrow down your fitness blogging niche, I suggest you pick a broad fitness-related name that allows you to expand your topic in the future if necessary.

What are the things you need to put in your mind before choosing your fitness blogging name?

Domain price – you have to pick your domain name from a domain registrar company, it would cost you a $10/year. if you choose BlueHosting web hosting you will get the domain for free.

Personal domain name vs General domain name – most people prefer to use their names for their blogs, the advantage you got when using your personal name is the flexibility. You can expand your niche or change it completely if you decided to do so.

Your domain name should be easy and not complex when you type it, you don’t want your fitness blogging website’s name to be very long, it should contain a few words.

Try to avoid hyphens and numbers, it confuses people, and try to put keywords that represent your blog.

Domain extension – domains have a different extensions like .sport, .com, .net, .guru, etc. .sport can be used for sport websites, .guru used for fitness coaching blogs, .us used for blogs in United States.

Still, the .com domain is the most popular and preferred by google search engine, so when you are searching about a good domain for your fitness blogging website try to use .com domain extension.

Here is a simple graph that shows you the trust rating by users for the most popular domain extensions.

How to Start a fitness Blog - Wellnes economy

3. Find a good blogging platform and hosting.

how to start a fitness blog - hosting

For you to start a fitness blog you need good, fast, and reliable web hosting.

Web hosting is a server that stores your fitness blog data so that people can access it online, without hosting, your blog will not be visible on the web.

In this stage, the best option is shared web hosting, I personally recommend using BlueHost, as it is the easiest and most affordable option when learning how to start a fitness blog.

Now, maybe you are thinking about how to start with Bluehost?

Here is the simple step-by-step guide on how to register your domain as well as your web. hosting.

 let’s dive into it,

Step #1: Go to

Visit the Bluehost website and click on the “Get Started” Button.

How to Start a fitness Blog - How to Start a fitness Blog - Bluehost

Step #2: decide which web hosting plan is the best for you.

It will forward you to a page with 4 different hosting plans.

These plans include Choice Plus, Plus, Basic and Basic plan, while all these plans are good I would suggest you go with the plus hosting plan as it is enough for you to start a fitness blog, and offers unlimited websites.

How to Start a fitness Blog - How to Start a fitness Blog - Bluehost pricing

If you choose a Choice plus hosting plan, you will be getting A full domain privacy and protection, which means your personal email, phone number and address will be hidden.

Step #3: Purchase Your fitness blog Domain Name.

After you choose the hosting plan you will be directed to this page to purchase the domain name or go with an existing domain if you already bought it.

How to Start a fitness Blog - Bluehost free domain

If you didn’t decide which domain name to go with, Bluehost offers a free 1-year domain registering.

If you are still didn’t decide your fitness blogging website’s name, you can sign up and pick your domain name later on.

How to Start a fitness Blog - Bluehost free domain

Once you picked your domain, you will be directed to the final step which is the checkout page, to enter your information.

Step #4: Enter Your information.

You need to enter your details to create your account.

How to Start a fitness Blog - Bluehost account information

Try to enter the correct detail as is important for you in the future, like address, country, your first and last name.

When scrolling down you will see “Package Information

The default plan is 2.95/mo if you subscribe for 36 days, but you can change it to 12, 24, or 60 months.

It is completely your choice whether you choose a longer plan with better pricing, or selecting the 12 months plan for a more expansive price.

I usually go with the 36 monthly plan as it is the cheaper option with a very low renewal rate, If you are sure that will stick to fitness blogging for along time, or you will open multiple blogs, I suggest going with 36 monthly plan.

Domain privacy + protection is optional add on, you can uncheck it.

So what is domain privacy?

When you purchase a domain from a domain registerer company, your information includes your name, address, etc.. , are sored in the “whois database”, if anyone makes a search about your domain your info will popup.

With domain privacy, you can hide your info and protect them.

How to Start a fitness Blog - Bluehost package

You can uncheck the SiteLock Security- Essential add on as it is not important for running your blog.

The final step is to add your payment information. you can pay with a credit card or PayPal.

How to Start a fitness Blog - Bluehost payment

Congrats! The signup process has finished, that means you have completed the first step of how to start a fitness blog.

Step #5: Log in to your web hosting account.

How to Start a fitness Blog - Bluehost login

Now you have finished a big part of staring a fitness blog,

Now, let’s move to WordPress.

4. Install and setup WordPress.

how to start a fitness blog - setup wordpress

After choosing the web hosting the next step is setting up WordPress as it is the primary content management system for your blog.

Important Note: Which is the best blogging platform for starting a fitness blog?

To start a fitness blog you have to choose a blogging platform, there is a lot of blogging platform available on the web, but I suggest you go with WordPress.

So Why WordPress?

Because WordPress gives you the total control and freedom of your fitness website when compared to other platforms that have a lot of limited options.

In WordPress you have unlimited options of themes and plugins to choose from, that can make your website amazing.

I think you got the idea about the best blogging platform for starting a fitness blog.

Your blog is something you own, it is your business, you don’t need to rely on platforms like blogger or tumbler.

Let’s continue…

Which one to choose or

Here is the difference between .com & .org

How to Start a fitness Blog - vs .org

If you are planning to make money with fitness or health blogging, I suggest you choose self-hosted

If you choose the .com option you cannot use plugins from outside, or you cannot upload your themes to your blog, it also has limited analytical options.

With, you have the complete freedom to do anything you want.

Installing WordPress is not as complicated as you think, with Bluehost, you can install WordPress with just one click.

After setting up your account with Bluehost, you will be directed to set up your WordPress account and password.

Here is the dashboard of your WordPress after login in.

How to Start a fitness Blog - wordpress dahshboard

There are a few things you need to do before start publishing content.

Changing the permalink:

Permalink is hyperlinks that lead to a specific blog post. it is a very crucial rank factor for SEO, to change it go to your WordPress dashboard then Setting > Permalinks.

How to Start a fitness Blog - permalink

When you click into “Permalink” the permalink settings page will popup.

How to Start a fitness Blog - permalink

With the default settings, the permalink is set to “plain” and this is not good for SEO. instead of that, you should change it to “post name“, then click the save button.

most bloggers use the post name permalink and their targeted keywords in the permalink URL.

Also, don’t forget to set up your google search counsel and google analytics, this tool is a must to have in terms of indexing your website and start showing in Google searches.

5. Choose the Best Fitness themes and fitness  WordPress Plugins.

Start fitness blogging -  fitness theme

When you start using WordPress it comes with default themes, but these themes don’t have a lot of functions and not flexible as paid themes.

In the blogging world, the design of your blog is so important, if it is not professionally designed you will start losing traffic and audience, good designs make your readers trust you.

There is a lot of free fitness WordPress themes, but I don’t recommend using it, because it is easy to hack and make you lose your data.

Don’t use nulled themes or plugins as it injected with viruses and malware.

Blogging is like a business, you need to invest in it, the biggest investment in blogging is the investing in fitness themes and plugins.

So what are the best fitness themes to invest in?

I personally use the GeneratePress theme, which is the fastest and lightweight theme, most bloggers use GeneratePress as it comes with a lot of features and security.

Before suggesting other fitness themes, let me explain to you what to put in your mind while choosing your theme.

  • Make sure that the theme is lightweight.
  • Pick up themes that compatible with the latest version of WordPress.
  • Chose themes that are responsive, and customizable.
  • Try to find thems that comes with great customer support as it is the fastest way to solve your theme problems if found – (like GeneratePress )

AHere is a list of The best fitness WordPress theme ( i used some of them in my websites )

JustFit – I am a big fan of MyThemeShop because they have great products and themes designed to be lightweight and good for SEO.

JustFit theme is mainly created for, Gym, fitness, and personal training websites along with that they offer a premade fitness website templates that make it easier for you to create your website ASAP.

By using their premade fitness website templates, you save a lot of time of designing and coding, you just have to choose the template you like the most then you are good to go.

How to Start a fitness Blog - justfit theme

Infinite – it is another option designed mainly for fitness purposes, it is also the best personal trainer WordPress theme.

It also contains a big library of personal trainer WordPress theme, it comes with a powerful theme admin panel to ensure your site is up and running in a matter of hours.

How to Start a fitness Blog - infinite theme

Astra Pro – is another light that simple and easy to customize WordPress theme, it resembles GeneratePress, but has many functions that generatePress don’t have, but you have to remember fewer functions means faster theme.

It offers a free theme to try, if you liked the functions and the flexibility that they offer, you can consider buying the full premium theme.

AstraPro also has well-designed templates for health blogging and wellness blogs.

How to Start a fitness Blog - astra pro

jevelin – is a WordPress theme designed mainly for health blogging and fitness blog, keep in mind that it has more than 40+ multi-purpose demos and template, for almost anything.

Of course like other Health blogging templates you don’t need to have a lot o technical knowledge to use this theme.

How to Start a fitness Blog - jevelin theme

After you pick your theme, you need to install it.

To install your fitness WordPress theme you have to log in to your WordPress –> and go to dashboard —> then appearance and choose theme.

1- within the theme section you will see some free themes, but if you have one just click on the add new button.

How to Start a fitness Blog - add new theme

2 – Then click on the upload theme button and choose your theme file which comes in zip extensions- then click activate.

How to Start a fitness Blog - add new theme

Installing the theme is not a hard process, but the customization of the theme is more important. To start customizing your theme go to Appearance –> click on customize.

After you customize your fitness theme and creating your logo and your fitness website identity, it is time to talk about the most important WordPress plugins for fitness websites.

BEssential plugins every fitness blogger needs.

WordPress house a ton of plugins designed to expand the functionality of the websites, these plugins include all the tools you need like, Email marketing and SEO plugins. These tools make your processes of making a fitness blog super easy, WordPress worth nothing without the plugins.

However, I don’t recommend you to install hundreds of plugins, because it can slow down your website, just try to install the necessary plugins.

So what are the necessary plugins?

Here are my favorite wp plugins that I personally use.

1-Asset CleanUp.

This plugin is necessary for all website, what this plugin do is removing the un-used codes within your website. For instance, there’s an HTML code in my website but it is not necessary to load them in every page, with this plugin you can optimize it to unload certain elements when loading the website.

2-Thrive Architecture or Elementor.

These are well known and most important page builders available, I used Elemantor on a lot of projects to build stunning landing pages, with just drag and drop functionality you can transform your fitness website to another level.

Eliminator comes with huge pre-made templates including fitness templates, it also offers a free version. But the Pro version which is 49/year offers more functions and templates.

3-Rank Mathe For SEO.

SEO is essential for every blogger, With Rank Math, you can optimize your blog for SEO, it is my favorite because is a lightweight SEO plugin that offers a lot of functions for free.

Although it is a free plugin it made its way through SEO word, where using Yoast SEO plugin, but I don’t recommend it because it is not as functional & simple as RankMth.

4-WP Rocket.

As you already know, speed is a major ranking factor, WP Rocket is all in one-website speed optimizer plugin, it comes with CDN, minifying CSS, and HTML.

I have tried multiple website speed optimizers but I stick with WP Rocket. You can start using it at $49/year.


Collecting emails is important for every blogger, OptinMonster is the best email opt-in plugin on the internet, with its ability to create, content lock, popup lightbox, and more.

You can start with their Basic plan for just $9/mo.


If something happened to your website, all your data will be gone, so using a backup tool help you secure your content, updraft plus helps you backup your website on a daily basis


It is a social media sharing plugin, what I love about them is that they can drive massive traffic from social media platforms like Pinterest, Facebook and others.

6-GDPR Cookie Consent.

This plugin makes a popup highlight to your visitors to inform them about that you are using cookies.


If anyone makes a spam comment on any of your post this plugin remove them automatically.

8-iThemes Security.

Keeping your website safe is essential, as we know security is no 1 priority if anyone tries to hake your fitness blogging website, so this plugin helps you protect it.

these are my favorite plugins that I used on my websites.

If you want to know how to install the plugins? I can help you with that,

  • Go t your WordPress dashboard
  • from the menu in the left side choose plugins
  • then click add new

Lest move to the next step of starting a fitness blog.

6. Switch from HTTP to HTTPS.

how to start a fitness blog - switch to https

You have already installed the SSL certificate to your site with Bluehost, but you need to activate it, simply by installing Really Simple SSL WordPress plugin.

before activating the SSL.

How to Start a fitness Blog - change ssl

When you see the lock icon it means the SSL is successfully activated.

How to Start a fitness Blog - change ssl

If you made all these changes and downloaded the necessary plugin for SSL but did not activate, call the web hosting company, or use their live chat to explain the problem.

So is it so important to use SSL,

The answer is yes, you still can access your site without SSL, but google will not trust your site and you will lose the chance to rank in search engines.

7. Write and publish your first blog.

how to start a fitness blog - writing blog post

After completing the technical steps of creating a fitness blog, it is time to write your first blog post.

Many people including me feel overwhelmed by the number of things that required to go live with their website.

When I first started it took me almost one week to finish writing my first blog post, yes one week, I didn’t know how to do proper keyword research, or how to write a pillar contact, I was confused.

The first thing that I realized is you don’t have to be a professional writer, but you have to know the basic structure of the sentences and use good grammar.

For example using images, bullet points, Infographics, etc.. keeps the reader engaged.

To make sure you are using proper grammar, I suggest using Grammarly, although there is a lot of grammar correcting apps I personally use Grammarly.

Doing good keyword research is the most important step in the process of creating good articles.

There is a lot of apps you can use to do keyword research I personally use kwfinder, I have tried semrush it is good but their price is $99/mo which is a little expansive.

Here some tips that help you write a stunning post.

  • To find the topic you will be writing about, do a little bit of keyword research on google, or use quora to come up with blog post ideas
Pro Tip: I suggest using Long Tail Keywords, as it is easy to rank.
  • Try to come up with attention-grabbing titles, good titles increase your site CTR, try to write headers that challenge the readers or contain the “Best” word, here is an example of a good title “best fitness workout app“, here the non-SEO optimized version of that title “workout apps for fitness“.
  • Use images to break through your contact, it also visually Appealing, helps your content to more look like a story, it also keep the reader scrolling to see other images.
  • Make sure you read the Off-Page SEO Strategies to optimize your content.
  • Try to avoid using Copywrited images, just create them by your self, or use them with mentioning the source as I did this blog post.

I think you got the basics of creating a pillar fitness blog post.

Now, Let’s move to my favorite part.

8. Ways to monetize your fitness blog.

start fitness blogging - blog monetization

In this section, I will be discussing the ways you can use to monetize and make money through your blog.

Firstly, let me congrats you,

Why because if you made it until here you are probably taking blogging seriously and want to treat your blog Like a real business.

Let’s continue.

Which is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear how to monetize your blog? I bet you that running ads are the first monetization method, but it is not the only way, Here is a list of the best method that you can use to earn money.

A. fitness Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate marketing when you recommend products to your audience, and you put your unique link if any purchase is made through the unique link you earn a commission. The commission varies from company to company.

Here are the best Fitness affiliate programs that you can join right now, and start earning money.

1- Weight Watchers, is a website that helped thousands of people in their journey to lose weight, their commission rate is $10 per sale, it the best affiliate program for fitness bloggers.

2- Organifi, it is a company selling supplement that offers monthly subscription service, they offer a 30% Recurring commissions, it is fit with health and fitness blogs.

3- Monki Fitness, is a brand working in the fashion niche, their commission rate is 15% for every successful customer.

5- Fitbit, this company is well known in term of “wearable technologies”, their commission rate is 7.2% for every sale, they also have a Fitbit blog which is good to read.

7- IdealFit, their products are related to nutrition, like organic and vegan supplements for women, using the IdealFit affiliate program is a good choice for vegan fitness blogs, healthy lifestyle blogs, and health blogging.

B. Running ads

Most bloggers use Google Adsense to display fitness ad on their website, it is the most common way to make money in fitness blogging, there is another ad company called mediavine, but it needs more than 50 k, monthly visitors.

C. Selling your own products.

Selling fitness products on your site is another successful monetization way, but first, you have to build trust, so if the readers trust you they will buy your products.

D. Offering services

If you are a professional in fitness-related topics, let’s say you are good as personal training, you can make money as a personal trainer, You can create and sell custom workout plans.

I have explained the best ways to monetize fitness blogs, it takes time to make money with fitness blogging, just be patient, and always remember you have to invest money to make money, work hard and you will see the massive growth.

How to Start a Fitness Blog: FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions).

Q.1 Is blogging expansive? How much does it cost to Start a Blog?

No, blogging is not an expansive business, you can start now with just $2.95/mo from BlueHost. 

Q.2 how to start health blogging in 2020?

No, blogging is not an expansive business, you can start now with just $2.95/mo from BlueHost. 

Q.3 Can I start a vegan fitness blog?

If you are a vegan buddy and want to share your information and help other people change their lives through a vegan diet, starting a vegan blog will be beneficial for you. Just read my blog post carefully, then you will be able to start your vegan fitness blog.

Here are the simple steps that let you create your vegan blog: The first step of creating a vegan blog is to niche down your vegan blog, there are a lot of options, including vegan recipes blog, vegan food blog, vegan lifestyle blogs, and more.

– The second step is to decide your vegan blog name.
– third step is to set up the web Hosting
– Forth step is choosing the best vegan themes for WordPress.
– The final step is to write your first vegan blog post and click publish.

Q.4 How to start a fitness blog like a business?

If you want to start a fitness blog and treat it like a business, you have to make an investment, in time and money.‎

Q.5 I started my fitness blogging, Now how to bring traffic.

To make traffic to your fitness blogging website you need to do proper keyword analysis, and set up your social media account, and start using automation tools to automate your content sharing through social media.‎

Q.6 Is it still worth the time and the money to start a fitness blog in 2020?

Yes! Blogging is not dead, if you treat your blood like a real business it still worth it.‎

Q.7 Can you start a fitness blog for free.

Yes, you can start a fitness blog for free using other platforms like blogger or medium, but I don’t recommend that self-hosted websites are the best option.

How to Start a Fitness Blog: Final Thought.

As you see the process of starting a fitness blog is not complicated, it is actually pretty easy, you just need to invest your time and work hard to make it successful.

Start making money with your website requires good SEO techniques and proper knowledge of the basics of writing good content. This is just the starting of the blogging journey, try to learn as much as you can about SEO and affiliate marketing.

What I recommend you to do is to start creating good learning habits, try to learn something every day, that will help you and decreases the blog learning curve.

I hope you liked the article, and I am glad to teach you and other people how to start their online business and be successful at it.

Is there anything I forgot to mention? Let me know down below in the comment section.

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