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Hello and thanks for visiting SkyMarketer.

My name is Issam and this is my blog.

I am an intern doctor passionate about digital marketing and blogging.

Throughout my past 5 years, I have almost started +12 business most of them have failed and some of them made a really good number I will be mentioning in this post.

Here how I got started:

1-Before starting Med school.

Back in 2014, I started my amazon affiliate website, took almost 2 months to make the website live, I spend countless hours setting in front of my computer, creating designs and dealing with the coding stuff.

Every detail was important to me, after 2 months I had enough confidence to share it with my school’s friends, but I was surprised how everyone said you will not get any affiliate sale, they just laughed at me.

I got discouraged for a while, but then started to post one blog post per weak,

At the time I didn’t know anything about SEO, or affiliate marketing, I was just writing reviews of products and publishing it,

After almost 2 months of publishing, I realized that I was doing the whole blogging thing in the wrong way.

I got discouraged again and said I will not do it again.

Note: After 9 months the website started to get traffic organically and made a couple of sales.

2-After Getting In To Med school.

In 2016 I started studying medicine, through my journey I made a promise to not do any online business while studying, I will be focusing on one thing which is medicine

But In the middle of that year, while scrolling through the Instagram feed, I saw a Mug, Which had the anatomy of the human body on it, it gripped my attention,

I went to the comments, everyone was asking about how and from where they can buy it, in this moment I saw a big opportunity in dropshipping this product to them.

What did I do?

I went to Shopify, subscribed for their 14-day free trial, bought a free domain name (.tk domain), and gave it to my friend to design the website.

On the same day opened a new Instagram account, and started to promote this mug to the people who were commenting.

After that, I went to sleep with no idea what to expect the next day.

In the next day, I opened my Shopify account and I found this:


As you can see I got 56 visitors for free just from Instagram, with that being said my Instagram post went viral, that is the reason I got this amount of visitors.

So, What about sales? 

I made 6 Sales with a $76 profit.

From that moment my life campus has changed.

I Knew the power of the internet and social media.

I started to open a new e-com store almost every month, some of them were just a failer, and some of them was doing really good money Here is another screenshot of a store I was promoting for free on Instagram.

I finished my first year at med school with a 3,2 GPA 

Then started the second year,

What I realized is the second year is way harder than the first year and need a lot of time studying,

I decided to leave the online business for the second time.

After leaving it for almost 2 years, I went back in January of 2019, with a lot of more knowledge.

I didn’t start any online business in those two years, instead, I was searching and learning about the best business model for me being a doctor.

Then, I decided to start blogging,

Why did I choose to blog instead of Dropshipping?

Simply because dropshipping is a headache dealing with customers, FB, and other social media ads.

I had my Fb account being suspended for no reason.

That’s why I choose blogging, 

What I was blogging about?

I didn’t go with amazon affiliate this time instead I was blogging about software and SaaS companies.

After blogging for 3 months my income started to grow, I was hitting over $100 a day here is another screenshot from my Paypal account:

After the corona pandemic, I started to have more free time, I signed up to do website testing through web testing platforms. here is a snap of the earnings,

Where I Am Today

I have started with my friend Hamza a social media marketing agency, in February 2020.

To be honest the first client was so hard to find.

After finding the first one everything went so smoothly.

Here is a screenshot from a client who accepted to share the whole expenses on Snapchat ads from February until today.

As you see we spend $7,377 on his marketing campaigns, and he generated over 74k in revenue.

Whats now?

After starting the agency, we were using a lot of social media marketing tools.

We said why not to open a saas company to help us manage the social media accounts and automate them, 

Yes we started to develop a social media marketing tool, and hamza is the CEO of it, he now has 5 employees working full time in the development of the saas.

I will be mentioning it hear after we put the final touches, stay updated!

Things I have learned over my journey:

  • No one will give you actionable – step by step advice to grow your blog or your online business.
  • Work smarter not harder – this was a life-changing for me, you can work on business all day long, but without getting anywhere.
  • Hard work works – I was working so hard between me studying medicine and blogging and dealing with customers, some days I was sleeping for just 3-4 h a day. 
  • You have to invest some money to make money – as we all know money brings money.

The last thing I will be mentioning is to follow your passion, 

As you see I will be a doctor in 2 years, but my passion was not being a doctor, I loved the internet, tech, and the whole concept of making money online,

So I followed my passion, learned some coding, learned copywriting, SEO, and Affiliate marketing,

Now my passion started to pay me.

No matter how old are you, no matter where you live right now, I know you can do it too.

I am not saying I’ve achieved something or pretending to be a “guru”.

I’m here just to prove to you that starting an online business is not hard, 

What you really need is proper knowledge, and time, if you have these two, you are good to go.

Now i will take a moment and thank you for being here.

If you made it so far until here I appreciate that.

I am here to help you create your own freedom and be your own boos 

Thanks for reading!

I hope my story will motivate you and prove to you that nothing impossible.


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